Transforming Systems to Close the Opportunity Gap

Orenda Education partners with districts to inspire systemic changes that disrupt inequities to provide a True, Right and Just education for all students.

Leading with Our Equity Foot Forward

Leading with Our Equity Foot Forward

Orenda Education’s Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle and Scott McGuire sit down with Gaggle’s Paget Hetherington to discuss how districts long to get back to “normal” and the opportunity available to lead with equity. To learn more about how leadership can bring about equitable outcomes for students, check out Shattering Inequities: Real World Wisdom for School and District Leaders, a new book by Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle and Dr. Ruth S. Johnson.

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Time sensitive leadership actions needed for California’s budget proposals!

Guidance for district and school leaders to accelerate student achievement through equity driven actions and system transformation in any educational environment.

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TLC - A School Model That Disrupts Systemic Inequities in Education

Orenda Education is challenging districts to provide an educational design that closes the persistent achievement gaps. Right now is our opportunity to do what is true, right, and just and ensure that every student receives a premium education.

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Common Purpose, Uncommon Times

ACSA Executive Director Wes Smith talks with Orenda Education CEO Robin Avelar La Salle about shattering inequities in schools and districts.

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Common Purpose, Uncommon Times

Thought partnerships that drive impact.

We work alongside districts and schools that aspire to raise student achievement and provide them with the building blocks to get there. As a result, our partners experience dramatic and sustainable increases in student outcomes over time.

“Principal’s Exchange (now Orenda Education) helped Whittier Union create a foundation of instructional excellence and a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement that have been essential to the district’s credo that demographics do not determine destiny.” Sandy Thorstenson Former Superintendent | Whittier Union High School District