Addressing Systemic Issues

Equity Leadership

Through the lens of Shattering Inequities district and site leaders are a part of condition-setting workshops focused on K-12 instructional topics to support equity-driven systems. Leaders work along side coaches to develop their role as head teacher in charge, by creating systems for classroom walk-throughs, and providing inspiring feedback.

Aligning and Calibrating Grade Level Expectations

Curriculum Alignment is the process of school teams defining grade level and K-12 grade level content and rigor. Curriculum alignment is the foundation of establishing equitable teaching and learning for all. District and site leadership alongside Orenda partners will help teams to calibrate and align grade level expectations through a deep dive into the state assessment documents, and standards. Each grade level or content team will develop common assessments to measure student learning on a continuous cycle, and formal reflection and planning to support accelerating achievement will take place every 5-6 weeks.

Instruction to Support Equity for All

As a part of the data reflection cycle, guided planning support for teachers is offered to backwards map units and lessons with background knowledge, difficult vocabulary, common errors and engaging, low-prep instructional strategies to support high levels of student learning.

Nested Data Systems

Data reflection session occur to monitor on-track indicator for college and career readiness, as well as academic growth towards grade level. Data reflection sessions are conducted by grade level/content are, site, and district level.