Student Support Services

Advancing Equity in Student Support Services

As a part of the systems approach, Orenda works with district and site leadership to build capacity and calibrate expectations with research-based indicators that support college and career readiness ensuring all students have access to a college preparatory course of study.

College Readiness and Access

Through the Orenda partnership, district and site administration, as well as school site Student Support Services team members, will study the latest research and to support college-going for all. Additionally, professional learning will enhance counselors’ instructional practices to ensure students meet rigorous college entrance requirements and are knowledgeable regarding their post-secondary options.

Calibrating and Monitoring Systems

The Orenda team develops the skills of the site Student Support Services team to establish a sustained system to monitor key indicators through a targeted protocol. The Guidance Alignment process utilizes research-based checkpoints to determine whether all students are on track to graduate college and career ready. As part of the process, counselors create an action plan through targeted agreements that are then discussed at the next session. Guidance Alignment makes monitoring the technical component of college and career readiness manageable, approachable, and impactful.