Discovery Study Overview
The Discovery Study serves as a baseline study to help school and district leaders understand the systems and conditions that are producing current student outcomes, particularly for the most vulnerable students. The study informs an action plan that maximizes results for students.

The Discovery study aims to answer the following three questions:
What is the student achievement profile?
What systems best explain the student success profile?
What can be done to accelerate student success?

There are four elements of the Study:
Focus Group Interviews – Designed to get input from staff members in each subject. Staff will be asked a series of questions about the instructional systems at the site. If possible, Orenda would like to spend 45 minutes or one class period per course.
Student Shadowing – Designed to experience a “day in the life” of the students. Student shadowing is confidential, and students should not know that they are being shadowed. Orenda asks that you provide a sampling of students by grade level for each subgroup.
Comprehensive Analysis of School Data – Information collected from focus group interviews and student shadowing will then be triangulated with data.
Report – Following the data collection and analysis, Orenda will produce a report that includes findings and recommendations that will be presented to the administration and staff.

Do we have to participate in Focus Group Interviews?
No, focus group interviews are voluntary. However, staff insight and input are extremely valuable and Orenda encourages as many staff members as possible to participate so their voices are reflected in the Study. Interviews will remain confidential and findings will only be reported as general trends that impact the systems in the school.

How long do we have to wait before we get the report?
Typically, there is a 4-6 week window from the time Orenda completes the data collection to the time that the report is presented to administration and staff. The timeframe is also dependent on the expediency in which Orenda receives the data requested.

Who views the report?
The report is presented in a confidential setting to administration and school staff only. The report is only made public at the request of the district and school administration.