July 17, 2020 Update: TLC & Governor Newsom’s School Opening Requirements


It is hard to feel prepared to reopen school with so much uncertainty about the future. 100% on campus? 100% distance? Something in between?

But, other than health and safety issues, the only thing we can be certain of is that we will have 4 basic needs that will directly affect our ability to provide a true, right and just education to every student:
• We will have less time with students than before, so we need to know how to make every minute count.
• We must to have the systems to help students who return at every level, academically and socioemotionally.
• We need to know the best ways to use technology as an accelerant.
• We need a meaningful way to monitor progress to inform our practice.

Orenda Education has designed research-based, equity-grounded toolkits for each of these basic needs, complete with systems, strategies, templates, routines, outlines, planning guides and tip sheets—all built for differentiation. This is the TLC Model for Educational Equity and Economic Recovery. There are strands for:
• Teachers
• Counselors and other staff helping students with SEL and college/career guidance
• Administrators
• Paraprofessionals and other support staff

Extensive training through the Orenda Academy accompanies the materials to give school staffs full confidence that you will meet the diverse academic and SEL needs of students, no matter what the future brings.